NOVEMBER 5th Special RSVP Pre-Show Event

Are you interested in the paranormal?  UFO's?  Cryptids?  Have you had an encounter ?  Would you like to learn more about various topics and learn some techniques from experienced researchers?  Want to talk to others who share your passion for the paranormal? Or do you just want to go somewhere to pick up some cool paranormal related merchandise made by real local artists?  If so, we have you covered !  Wild & Weird CON is a place to learn from others as well as have fun.  Feel free to dress up as your favorite cryptid or come wearing your Fallout gear, we don't care!  It's all about fun and education for everyone!  We will see you there!


Join us for the Ultimate Wild & Weird Event


Start the show Friday night Nov 5th RSVP your spot to for the Night operation demonstration with Dave Spinks.  Dave will be leading 25 individuals on a night investigation demostration where he will show you what it's really like to look for bigfoot and other paranormal phenomena.  Afterward sit back at the campfire for a meet and greet and talk about your own accounts with Dave and other investogators while enjoying a camp style dinner.  This is a limited add on event and the price does not include general admission to the next days events.  If you are interested contact us now to learn how to RSVP your spot for only  $25.00 (non-refundable) per person.  

$10.00 General Admission kids 10 & Under FREE with accompanying adult



Enjoy quality crafts and art from local artists and authors,  you will find a lot to choose from as you visit booth after booth of cryptid, paranormal art,  and books. 


Visit the various speaker panels and demonstrations to learn more about real research and findings from everything from bigfoot ,  UFOs to ghosts.


Just like our Wild & Weird Workshops, you can participate in various workshops designed to make you a better investigator and to teach to some skills you may wan to include in your next investigation.


We have put together a list of some of some incredible guests for you.  Keep watching for more anouncements as we get closer to November.


Eric has been actively researching bigfoot and the paranormal for over 21years now.  He has been featured in multiple documentaries and television programs. He is Executive Director of the newly re-launched Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society as well as Radio Host and Producer, Pod cast co-host and Conference and Event Organizer. His contributions to the field are numerous.  Founder and Director of the Pennsylvania Cryptozoology Society, former Director of the PA Bigfoot Society, Member of the Society of the Supernatural; Bigfoot Field Research Organization; Bigfoot and Paranormal Society and Goosebumps Paranormal Society. I'm also the Organizer and Host of the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Camping Adventure, and former Organizer and Host of the East Coast Bigfoot Conference.  Learn more about Eric here:


Seth Breedlove is an Ohio filmmaker. He has written, edited, produced and directed shorts and features about a variety of topics but is best known for his production company and the films they've produce under the Small Town Monsters banner.  Seth's "On the Trail of" Series is by far one of the best documentary series on cryptid and UFO phenomena.  Come meet him and pick up these films for yourself.  A full list of his work can be found here


Dave has been featured on the History Channel, Discovery Channel & Travel Channel, Small Town Monsters  just to name a few. His work in paranormal research has been documented many times and he has written multiple books covering paranormal subjects including UFOs and cryptids as well as hauntings.  Among other things Dave will be going over some equipment usage and explaining what it's really like in the field.

Dave will also be on hand for the ADD ON PRE-EVENT SPECIAL NIGHT OP Meet & Greet Friday evening before the main event.  Dave  will be leading a small group onto a trail where he will demonstrate various pieces of equipment such as FLIR and audio recorders for data collection.  After the event Dave and other guests will be on hand for a meet and greet at our camp style dinner.  


Emily is the Museum Educator for the Southern Ohio Museum & Cultural Center.  Emily was instrumental in our research for the Fallen Worlds Episode "Chasing Giants" in which we investigated an artifact that may be represent one of the earliest carvings of bigfoot on the  east coast.  She will be presenting some of her findings on Giants and the Mounds in our area. 

You can watch the episode  of Fallen Worlds here:


Mothman historian , author and owner of the Worlds Only Mothman Museum join us for Wild & Weird CON! If you are interested in MOTHMAN you will find no one with as much knowledge on the subject than Jeff Wamsley. Not only is he the owner of the legendary museum, he is a diligent researcher and his books contain the best unbiased information and eyewitness accounts of the legend that you will find anywhere. We rarely use the word "expert" but this man is indeed in our opinion a true expert on the mothman phenomena. You will not want to miss this!

Bill & Amy Lancaster are tentatively scheduled TBA




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