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NOVEMBER 5th Special RSVP Pre-Show Event

West Virginia's Paranormal Conference Returns


Wild & Weird CON is a premier event featuring all aspects of the paranormal and focusing on those who study and research these subjects.  From UFOs to Cryptids,  paranormal research is growing and the interest in such phenomena has seen a surge thanks in part to attitude shifts spurred on by recent government and scientific breakthroughs in technology and biology.  West Virginia has one of the most noted and famous spots in Wild & Weird history.  It is home to such legends as the Mothman, the Flatwoods Monster as well as scores of UFO sightings.  It is also home to the Green Bank Radio Astronomy Observatory.  Some have suggested that West Virginia rivals Roswell when it comes to it's  importance in UFO history alone.  But West Virginia has far more to offer than just UFOs, it has many reports of Bigfoot and other cryptids and serious research has been conducted not only by us but by fellow researchers that suggests the Wild & Wonderful hills of the mountain state may hold secrets that could predate the earliest settlers.

During our years of looking into the paranormal we have had the opportunity to vend many shows and work with other researchers, we love to get out there, we also love to talk and teach about these various phenomena.  So several years ago we envisioned and set out to create something West Virginia could be proud of, not just an expo or convention, but an event focusing on education and inspiration to ensure the continued longevity of such research and to give the state a rightful seat at the table of other places known for such research.  We contacted some of the best local authors, artists and speakers in an attempt to bring that vision to life and last year we held the first Wild & Weird CON which took place at the amazing Chief Logan Conference Center & Resort in Logan WV.  

We brought together researchers , speakers, and created several work shops to teach various techniques in paranormal research.  It was a great time for everyone who came and afterwards we had vendors sign back on for this years Wild & Weird CON.

So get ready as we reveal the Vendors, Speakers and events for Wild & Weird CON 22






Reserve your spot for Friday evening Oct 14th

Be among the first to kick off Wild & Weird CON early.
The VIP NIGHT OP / DINNER returns this year with Hellbent Hollers Jessi and Joe. Shortly after sunset Jessi and Joe will be leading a small group out into the park for some hands on training with the gear that they use in their investigations.  Jessi and Joe are long time field investigators and have been involved in researching the paranormal with a focus on Dogman and other paranormal phenomena which they documented on their YouTube Channel in their hit "Land Between the Lakes" Series. 

Following a short hike, participants will return to the lodge for a camp style dinner prepared by classically trained Chef Joe Perdue and participate in a meet and greet session with other guest.  This event is limited to a small number of participants.

Cost of the VIP Night Hike and Dinner $45.00 per individual and also includes admission to the next days event.

NOTE: This event is subject to weather conditions - If weather does not permit the hike, we will move the event inside.  Participants will still receive a full workshop and hands on demonstration as well as camp style dinner.
(refunds not available for VIP events)



$10.00 General Admission kids 10 & Under FREE with accompanying adult


Enjoy quality crafts and art from local artists and authors,  you will find a lot to choose from as you visit booth after booth of cryptid, paranormal art,  and books. 


Visit the various speaker panels and demonstrations to learn more about real research and findings from everything from bigfoot ,  UFOs to ghosts.


Just like our Wild & Weird Workshops, you can participate in various workshops designed to make you a better investigator and to learn some skills you may want to include in your next investigation.


Since we are so close to Halloween and in the middle of spooky season why not show off your best cryptid/UFO/paranormal themed costume?  You could win a trophy or maybe even something even cooler.  Someone is going to win, will it be you?


We have put together a list of some of some incredible guests for you.  Keep watching for more announcements


Long time field researcher Eric Altman joins us one more time on the Wild & Weird CON lecture circuit and he saved the best for this year. Eric has been researching the strange paranormal happenings that plague the mountain range known as the Chestnut Ridge for over 40 years now. He will be going over some of what he has found and inviting the audience to make up their own mind as to the many mysteries that occur on the Chestnut Ridge. Skin Walker Ranch fans you will enjoy this.

Remember speakers are Saturday Oct 15 only. Attendance to speakers and workshops is covered with your general admission. 

Eric has been featured in multiple documentaries and television programs. He is Executive Director of the newly re-launched Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society as well as Radio Host and Producer, Pod cast co-host and Conference and Event Organizer. His contributions to the field are numerous.  Founder and Director of the Pennsylvania Cryptozoology Society, former Director of the PA Bigfoot Society, Member of the Society of the Supernatural; Bigfoot Field Research Organization; Bigfoot and Paranormal Society and Goosebumps Paranormal Society. I'm also the Organizer and Host of the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Camping Adventure, and former Organizer and Host of the East Coast Bigfoot Conference.  Learn more about Eric here:


Emily is the museum educator for the Southern Ohio Museum & Cultural Center.  She works to insure the provenance of artifacts that come into the museum.  She is a professional who presents facts and her presentations are captivating.  Last year Emily impressed the audience with her knowledge and factual data relating to the giants found in mounds in the tri-state.  This year she is going to be talking about other controversial mound discoveries and will be focusing on the grave creek mound.  If you are a fan of ancient mysteries in WV and Ohio relating to the mound builders, you will want to be at this presentation. 

Southern Ohio Museum & Cultural Center


Veteran Researcher and author Dave Spinks joins us to bring you some of his latest findings and discussions on the paranormal and UFOs in West Virginia.  Dave has been seen on countless documentaries and television programs over the years and now runs his own shop in Richwood WV “ Dave Spinks World of Weird” where visitors can pick up books and items from him and other authors as well as report their own accounts.

Dave Spinks World of Weird & Synergy Springs LLC



                                      MORE VENDORS BEING ANNOUNCED DAILY

We have scoured the tri-state to find some of the best crytid, UFO, paranormal artists and vendors around and gathered them all together in one place just for you.  Our vendors range from artists to authors and create quality items and content, be sure to drop by their tables and support them.


11:00am Joe Perdue - "Field Research, Data Collection & Research Area Selection"

12:00pm  Ron Lanham & Dave Roberts with Unseen Paranormal - "Paranormal Investigations Basics"
We will go over some tools of the trade and discuss some techniques.


Chief Logan Conference Center
1000 Conference Center Drive Logan , WV 25601

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