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"Ambassadors of the Paranormal"

Several years ago we jokingly coined this phrase to describe what we are.  In this field you meet both researchers and artists.  Being both we decided the best way to represent the field was to make it publicly accessible to all who had an interests and wanted to learn more.  We used our art as a way to educate and engage viewers and open doors to topics some were curious about but were afraid to really ask about.   We have used our knowledge of these phenomena to create various media sources and events to promote not only the many fields but also para-tourism in our state and its importance to small town economics.  Each small town has a local legend and some communities are learning to capitalize on those legends and embrace rather than ignore their Wild & Weird history as they should.  The public are now more open to the idea of paranormal phenomena and research than ever before.  By collecting these stories and accounts we are building a future legacy for others who may one day help find some answers or who may create a stable income for their home town.
We were recently asked  to participate in an event at Sherman Elementary where we talked about local legends and lore and got to show the kids some of the tools and techniques we use to conduct our research.  It was an amazing time and we were asked to come back again for an extended speaking engagement.  
Track casts and equipment were a huge draw and a source for countless questions which I think we managed to answer.
Talking about local legends Mothman & Flatwoods monster were great but these kids had serious questions about aliens and area 51!  It was great to be able to tell them about real research and how they should never simply just believe the things they may see on social media but to seriously learn to question it.  The future of paranormal research in WV, looks good to us!
Joe talks WV legends and Bigfoot at Winfield High School to a captivated audience.
Track casts are always a good conversation starter and a great introduction into how to properly collect data for analysis.
If you would like to book Wild & Weird WV for a speaking engagement at your school contact us today to schedule a date
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