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Welcome To "The Radio"

After years of being told to do a podcast we found time in 2020 to make it happen and created the Wild & Weird Radio. Since those early days we have expanded to our YouTube versions of the podcast as well as our new LIVE episodes every Thursday at 8PM Eastern. The audio podcast can now be found on every major podcast provider and is downloaded world wide with close to 60,000 downloads and rapidly climbing. 

What Subjects Do We Talk About?

Aside from various topics such as UFOs, Cryptids and other paranormal phenomena, we often discuss our own research and findings and present it for the audience to make up their own mind. The shows focusses more on legends, verifiable data and research and less on unverified rumor and social media fear mongering.  What we don't' talk about is politics unless it is in passing and directly related in someway to a particular subject. We are also very proud of our "family friendly" rating.  The video versions of the podcasts often include graphics and video of investigations and events we attend as well as occasional news clips and specials.

What Guests Do You Have On?

Over the years we have had multiple guest on. From authors to TV personalities, we have interviewed many individuals who are directly involved in paranormal, Bigfoot or UFO research.

Here is a very small sample of some of those episodes.


What can I say and do on the show?

The number one rule is that we are a family rated show and we are very proud of that rating. We have listeners from all age groups who enjoy these episodes and we keep it family friendly and as professional as possible.  If you are joining us via video understand that we are bound by partnership guidelines and standards.

Do I need to download anything to be on the show?

Nope, we will send you a link prior to the show, just click it and you are magically transported into our virtual studio. Note: If you have never been on the show before, it's a good idea to arrive at least 15 minutes early to make sure all hardware is working properly.

How long are the shows and when are they?

Regular Podcast Episodes are recorded on Sunday or Tuesday Night at 9PM EST, a typical show is no longer than 1.5 hours. These are pre-recorded shows and are more structured.

LIVE episodes are streamed every Thursday at 8 PM EST. These shows tend to run over 2 hours or even longer , you can hang around as long as you like though. Remember LIVE shows are fairly unstructured and we allow audience questions and comments.

I'm an author and I want to come on and promote my book?

If you are interested in coming on to discuss your recent book, you obviously do not have to, but it is a good idea to send at least one hard copy over or provide a PDF link for us to review.

Also information on where it can be purchased and an image to use for your promo spot.

Film makers, the same goes for you, send art and a link to view your work prior.

What media do you need?

We make custom adds for each show and we show images of books, film promos etc that our guests provide.  If you are a researcher, personality etc, feel free to send media clips for us to share during the video portion of the episode. Make sure that you own the media you provide or have the express permission to share it on the platform. 

Do I have to be on camera if I come on the show?

We don't mind. You may join in with audio only, once in the virtual studio, just click on the camera icon and turn it off.

Have Fun?

A majority of our guest say that their experience on the show ranks as one of if not the best podcast experience they have had.  Be yourself and have fun, see you on the radio. 


OK, I want to be on the Radio

Just fill out the form below, if chosen we will let you know within a few days.  BE sure to mention if you want to be on a pre-recoded or LIVE episode. Understand that we receive a lot of applications so be patient. 

Thanks for your interest, we will be in touch shortly.

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