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The Wild & Weird Shops

All products at Wild & Weird West Virginia are designed and produced by Ron & Joe.  From paintings to 3D sculpts everything is hand made and reproduced for the Wild & Weird shops and our clients.  Our products can be found in many retail shops accross the US and online in our virtual shops.

NEW FOR 2023

Want to support Wild & Weird West Virginia and keep Wild & Weird Radio "...Free for eons to come"?  Want a cool original designed patch that your friends will be jealous of? 

Then get your hands on these beauties before anyone else and before they are gone!

Free shipping in continental US

extremely limited edition 


What's a paranormal prepper?  If you have taken more instruments than food or safety gear on your investigations, then you probably don't have to ask that question.

Go grab this latest original design by Ron and help support Wild & Weird Radio.


This item is available only on our Tee Public store.  Customize your color and grab one today.


The paranormal is becoming a big business draw!  From UFOs to Bigfoot, we offer custom design and small scale production on sculpts displays and other unique items with exclusive options to help your retail shop stand out.  If you would like a free quote on a design for your shop contact us today and let us see what we can create for you.

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