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Most sightings are easily identified but some like the ones listed here remain a mystery or are of historical importance.  If you have witnessed a bigfoot or other cryptid,   please contact us and fill out the short form.  Your personal info is never shared , we are only interested in the account and verifying if it was observed by others in the area.

Tyler County WV
Strange Creature Spotted


Witness Testimony outtake from the LIVE episode from NOV 16th, 2023

Two of the witnesses appeared on our Thursday LIVE Episode to talk about their sighting. The full episode can be seen HERE

On the evening of November 14 around 8:30PM I was notified of a strange sighting which had just taken place in Tyler County, WV. The witness’s father, Tommy, reached out to me and stated that his son plus 2 other friends had just returned from riding around on their side by side (ATV) roughly 4 miles from their home on an old dirt road. The boys were out riding to clear their minds a bit after the loss of a fellow schoolmate earlier that week.  The the boys were visibly shaken and went on to describe an encounter with a tall pale white smooth-skinned creature. The boys were out riding on an old trail. They had passed this one spot earlier without any indications of anything abnormal.  It was the second time around when the boys said they had turned up the road, where a large trailer was parked, when their ATVs headlights lit up a strange figure hunched over with its arms bent up toward its face and its hands down (like a T-Rex).   It had black eyes.  It was very skinny, with a sunken chest. It appeared to have no clothing on and had white skin. The boys said there was a very earie feel to the area.

The driver said he immediately got out of the area, they said they felt uneasy and at one point thought the thing was behind them. I asked if they had looked back and one said that he had felt it was following at first, but they saw no indications, one did say he thought he had seen a “light” at one point but they did not investigate at all.  They returned home and reported the incident to their parents.  The father then reached out to me to get some ideas as to what the boys may have seen.  He separated them and had them each draw what they had seen, he eventually composed this into a sketch which the boys agreed on.  He decided to go up to the area immediately and was on seen within around 15 minutes. He contacted me from the area and reported nothing was there, but the air had a static feel to it.  It is also important to mention that the sighting area is within 300 yards of a high voltage power line.

The next morning of Nov 15 he returned to the area for a more detailed look around. He and his wife recreated the scene and determined that whatever the boys had seen had to be at least 8 feet tall based upon recreation at the actual site.  He also noted that he had talked to several hunters in the area who reported that they had noticed a large decrease in the number of deer in the area and said it was, “the worst hunt ever”.  The next occurrence was on Saturday November 25 while we were out of town. I received a message from him that there had been unusual activity in the area consisting of 2 black hawk helicopters flying over the area where the sighting had occurred. Tommy also received a report from a family member who stated that they had observed “armored military vehicles in the area” the previous night. The vehicles were described as 3 Hummers surrounding or escorting 3 rigs pulling flatbeds. The flatbeds had what they described as a “large vault”,  like a “very large gun safe”. This box was chained down.  He stated the vehicles were on Route 18 in Middlebourne and noted that they were headed in the direction of the sighting area.  It may also be important to note that a week prior to this Tommy and 3 other witnesses observed what they described as a white shining tic-tac like object over a job site.  It was about 2:30-3PM Nov 11, 2023 in Doddridge County. The sky was clear and the object was bright as if reflecting the sun, it traveled slowly high overhead for about 3-4 minutes until it went out of site.   Since this sighting there have been other unusual activity observed and we hope to address this more in the future.


Sighting area the next morning


Tommy investigating the area and getting reconstruction data.


Sketch by Tommy based on the witnesses description.


Black Hawks in over the area several days after.

We are continuing to gather more data from this sighting and we are pleased that the witnesses parents were not dismissive but rather were very interested and supportive of their children's account.  We are also happy that Tommy took the steps to contact us and investigate ASAP (within half an hour of the sighting).  We wish to thank the witnesses for coming forward and look forward to updating this event soon.

Salt Fork Ohio Orb / UAP / HS


After being contacted by Bigfoot researcher Glen Adkins we had planned to record some of his accounts for him. Glen has given us permission to publish his accounts and subsequent data you see here in this report.  We were joined by Glen , his daughter, an exchange student and family friend. 

Objective: Record Glen’s accounts on site where he had his first encounter with bigfoot decades prior as well as where countless other incidents had taken place.

Site: Near Hosak’s Cave trail entrance

Weather: Warm

Partly cloudy with full moon rising a little after 9:10 PM

Description of event:

We arrived at the site about 8:40 pm.  We had decided to bring some of our equipment based on past observations as a precaution.  The interview began with a preliminary request from Glen at approximately 8:49. He explained to us about the recent death at the cave just several weeks ago.  He wanted to make sure that we were respectful and didn’t look like we were there for that, which we were not. 


At 8:51 site interviews begin:

Approx. 9:15 I was scanning the area with out thermal and pointed it sky ward. I immediately spotted a thermal target very much like the fast moving targets we have encountered in previous investigations.  At the same time I said “who” Joe said he had observed a flash. According to him it was like a flash bulb had gone off. No one present had observed a flash but I had observed the UAP at that time.  There was no flash visible on thermal, full spectrum or regular camera.

We decided to continue the interview.  Earlier in the week Glen had spoken with me about spotting a glowing orb across the lake back in the day.  As we stood where he had been and with him pointing in the direction as soon as he said the words “There were lights over there.”  I noticed a fast moving UAP come into frame on the thermal.  At this point we briefed Glen on our past sightings and we let everyone there get a good look at the UAP including the science teacher who was also an amateur astronomer for an astronomy club.  He had no idea what they were and we were fortunate enough to spot several bat signatures, and a plane for easy comparison.  He stated that he knew what was up there and that those shouldn’t be.  They were ruled out by him as satellites and birds.  It was interesting to see how confused and fascinated he was by these objects.

At 9:18 PM Following intermittent filming the power on my full spectrum I had been recording with had dropped into the critical range forcing us to move back up toward the trail for a quick conclusion.  This camera as well as Joes recorder were fully charged and were only in operation for less than 27 minutes at this point. This camera can run on a full charge for over 2 hours. A quick check of the ionizing and non-ionizing radiation in the area showed nothing out of the ordinary and only registered the cell phones.

9:23 We move back to the parking lot filming primarily now with the phone and thermal tethered to a secondary phone.  Joe had walked up to the entrance of the trail head and had decided as a show of respect to sprinkle some tobacco as a gift to the ancestors of the area before we headed out. 

At 9:35 before we left, I decided to show our guests how the thermal works, luckily, I had hit record and was streaming to the nearby phone.  Glen told us to switch on the camera and look at the path Joe had just came from because he thought he had seen a shadow there.  At approx. 9:38 I acquire a small thermal signature no more than 40 yards in front of us and decided to try to use the last bit of battery left in our full spectrum to see if anything shows on it. The target is only visible on thermal and seems to be moving, it is a few feet off the ground and looks a lot like the visible orb we had seen on the hillside behind the Deep End Antiques.  At this point, Joe decides to intercept the target thinking it was a small animal.  Within one minute the signature quickly fades out.

At 9:40 Joe relates back to us that he sees what he thinks to be a possum and is actually trying to call the creature by whistling.  He said he looked away for a second and it vanished. He believes he is near the area where the signature was but he is over 20 yards away from the area. Glen decides to go in with him and they see the area where the signature had been was heavily covered in brush.

At 9:46 PM the camera’s battery completely dies and we end the hunt.

Side Note: Later this same night Joe reports he sees a glowing blue light outside the window illuminating the hotel room and attributes to a possible motion light outside the window.  It is mentioned here only because we did not question it till later. We also did not question the fact that we did not look at the time when Joe had noticed the flash back at the cave sight, this was highly unusual for us and would go unnoticed until we were recording the podcast after returning home from the event.

As of this time, we have no answers as to what we had observed nor do we have a logical explanation for the sudden battery drainage. The camera lasted no more than 35 minutes on a full charge. The handset power supply was not used as we were not planning to film for more than an hour total, we were not there to investigate, we had our equipment with us as a precaution in case something odd occurred, which it seems to have. We will be revisiting this area.

Logan County,
The Wild & Weird CON Incident


at approximately 8:00 PM October 14th 2022 after a detailed safety briefing VIP members of the wild and weird con night investigation led by Jessi Leigh and Joe Doyle from Hellbent Holler, we're entering the pre scouted field area when a power outage hit the entire lodge plunging it into total darkness.  The group continued to move into the dark with lights and trail markers leading the way.  

.  I had accompanied the group along with my wife and Dave Roberts to document the workshop for some future social media spots and to keep an eye on the group. Various stations had been prepared before the event, the group leaders, Hellbent Holler, were allowing members to use various pieces of equipment and get hands-on experience with real world usage. At the parabolic mic station group attendees began to hear what sounded like popping sounds and rustling over a steep ravine. It was at this point I decided to point our new thermal imager in the direction of the sound thinking that I would pick up a deer or bear or some other animal that we could use as part of an ID database. 

 Instead, I received on the readout a thermal hit on a target that was moving, the device was tethered to 2 smartphone allowing others to see what I was observing through the monocular. I began recording the thermal target I also notified the group leader, and she became interested in the target as well, we were told that no one could be down over that ravine in total darkness because it was too steep.   The thermal I had was set to red hot mode and it indicated a shape that clearly does look humanoid.  While observing the target we noticed that it was moving in strange ways that seemed to  rule out animals. At one point it appears to raise its hand and lower what may be its head as if it were eating something. It seemed to be aware of us on the ridge above, but it did not act curious or threatening IMO.

Near the end of the clip it does appear to turn to the left and walk away behind some bushes clearly showing in most observer's opinions that it was walking upright. Up ahead of the group the next station was the thermal station at this station there were three various types of thermal imagers set up.  this station looked directly down into the valley where this target was seen.  We hoped that we would get a better view of the target using these other thermals some of which were more powerful, though nothing was captured.  I decided I was going to hike back to the previous location to see if the target was still there.  At this point the group fell back with me to the parabolic station as there were no more stations up ahead.

Several members reported that they were now hearing sounds coming from the ridge above us. I turned the thermal up to the ridgeline but saw nothing.  At this time Joe from hellbent Holler was coming back up the road toward us in total darkness.  He said he had heard something on the ridge above and feared a group member had tried to go up the hill (See Joes full statement.)  We could not locate the target again and had to wrap up the event. As soon as our group made it to nearly the same spot we were in when the power had gone out the lights came back on. 

At a debrief after the hike the video of the thermal was passed around for others to see including seasoned investigators.  All agreed that is was good evidence and clearly showed something big down over the ravine.

On our way over to the cookout after the hike I had spoken with Martin Groves who related to me he had witnessed something as we walked into the woods. 


Here is Martin’s public statement following our post on social media about the event:

Martin Groves Statement

“I shared my sighting with Ron , due to my injuries I was unable to travel with the group so I walked around in the area of the Lodge. As soon as the group entered I heard a distinct single wood knock coming from behind the pavilion area, it was answered by another from behind the Lodge next to where we dined. The lights went out immediately to the lodge , I walked behind the Lodge and observed a very large shape of an upright -bi pedal animal in the wooded area from where the second knock came from , it disappeared into the deeper wood line . It is my belief there were 3 of them . ........"



October 15th

The next day during the conference Eric Altman along with Tom Mihok decided to hike up to the area where the sighting had occurred to survey the area and see if what we had seen could have just been a hunter.   After returning they both stated that the area was too steep and covered with brush for anyone to attempt to navigate at night.  After the conference was over on the evening of October 15th Joe Perdue, my wife and three other friends who were vending the event decided to go up the trail once more to get some idea of what the terrain looked like during the day and maybe to get an idea how big the target was.  Our goal was only to get pictures and video of the area and to be there for no more than a few minutes as we were starting to lose sunlight.

I had decided to bring along our Geiger counter and once more we had our thermal. After locating the spot where I had shot the original footage the night before, Joe was determined to go down into the valley to get a height recreation.  However, as he made his way up the path, he found what appeared to be a pathway where something large had come off the hill and went down into the valley.  Vegetation was laid down and leaves upturned.  There was also a footprint in a puddle of water near the area.

308362314_1159104068131674_6244214514654341034_n (1).jpg

I, along with one member of the group went back to the original sighting location and Joe tried to get down into the steep valley.  It was at this point that our walkies began to act up on their own, first Joes then mine. It was also getting darker, and we had no light in the area and Joe's battery on his phone had died, note, we had used our phones all day at the CON. A group member began to say they were feeling something strange and with darkness approaching, batteries on the phones dying, our only light source,  and weird com issues I made the decision to end the investigation and ordered everyone fall back.


 I retrieved the Geiger counter from Joe who had had it and passed it along to another group member with instructions that if it should go above 35 or so to let us know.   NOTE: It had gone to 34 at one point when Joe was trying to get down to the valley.  We had received strange radiation spikes before at other locations so it made sense to cover those bases if we had the means which we did.

As we were walking back we were discussing that the count had climbed above background radiation when my personal com went off as if someone had paged me.  We stopped, Joe did not hear this but it happened once more and never again after and at this exact time the individual holding the Geiger counter reported it had spiked to 40 CPM, over twice the background level.  We continued to walk out to the parking lot and were discussing the experience when Joe decided to have a look at the surrounding hillside with the thermal at dusk. 


Incident #2 UAP SIGHTING

It was at this point that a simple attempt to recreate the sighting of what appeared to be a large bipedal form got even stranger.  Through nothing more than a desire to get some thermal B-Roll footage for our documentation of the event and future projects.  At 7:38 Pm Joe turned the scope up toward the sky and spotted a fast-moving object. I was tethered to the thermal and began recording.  The object was moving in a straight line from across the horizon at a good speed. 


At first, I thought we were watching an aircraft, but all members of the group tried to get an actual visual on this object but saw nothing.  There were no blinking lights and no sound observed.  As the object moved over the horizon, Joe moved the scope up again and saw another bright moving object.  This time the object was intercepted by a faster moving object which was maneuvering in unusual manners. 

 As this is the Bigfoot/Cryptid section we will focus on that aspect. More on this incident may be found on the UFO SIGHITNGS section of the report logs. It is mentioned here only as the sighting occurred following the bigfoot investigation.

Strange objects appear in the sky following the investigation
There UAP were only visible on thermal.

Statement from Joe Doyle Hellbent Holler

“I will give a brief summary from my perspective. Jessi and I were taking a group out for a night demonstration of research methodologies and to let the participants get some hands on experience with some of the equipment that we use. We arrived early and used an old service road going into the woods. The road has been gated off and does not appear to have been used recently. This event was only scheduled to be a couple of hours long, so we had a pretty tight schedule to follow. Jessi and I scouted out the path during the day, cleared it, selected the best observation points for the particular type of equipment that would be used, and then cleared those points in order to give a better view of the ravine. The equipment was staged in stations depending upon the nature of that equipment. The stages consisted of basic equipment and safety, night vision/full spectrum cameras, the parabolic dish and digital recorders, thermal imagers, and finally instrumentation/data collection. Jessi led the demonstration, while I was up and down the service road setting up and breaking down the stations. Skinwalker’s partner was also in attendance with their thermal monocular. Earlier Jessi and I both heard a series of knocks and popping sounds coming from the ravine at various times throughout our setup during the day. We were unable to determine the source of these noises. We discussed these sounds with two of the attendees, who confirmed that they had also heard similar sounds near the access road. After we completed the first station (night vision/full spectrum), I accompanied the group to the parabolic setup and returned to the night vision equipment to pack it up and return it to our vehicle for safe keeping. After securing the equipment, I began to quickly hike back to the group. Approximately 50 yards into the woods I began to hear movement to my right. The right hand side of this access road is uphill… with the grade of rise being similar to the drop off into the ravine on my left. I illuminated the area with my red flashlight, but could not find the source of the movement. I then attempted to use a white light to find the source, but was again unable. I started to move towards the group again, but again heard what sounded like walking uphill. The walking seemed to be keeping pace with me. I softly called out to see if someone was there, but did not receive an answer. At this point, I thought that one of the members of the group had possibly gone uphill in order to look around. Honestly, I immediately thought that someone was going to get hurt on an event that we were responsible for and hurried back to the group. I was attempting to follow the road without using any light so that I could see any hint of illumination uphill. The night was dark enough that I had difficulty walking the access road at speed without a light source. I activated my red headlamp and hurried on. When I approached the group I asked if someone had gone uphill, to which they responded that no one had. After conducting a headcount I discovered that all members were present and at that point I learned that the group had heard movement on our parabolic followed by the detection of a large, bipedal figure in the bottom of the ravine. The point that I would like to emphasize is that I had difficulty walking the semi-cleared and level access road in the level of darkness that we had. It would have been next to impossible for someone to walk the far more uneven terrain at the bottom of that ravine under those light conditions. I ruled out the possibility of night vision goggles being used due to the lack of thermal signature around the figures head. Wearable night vision goggles or monoculars will appear colder in relation to the warm skin of a subject, with isolated but noticeable hot spots… usually around the external power source hookup as well as around sections of the main housing. These sections are not overly warm to the touch, but usually stand out in contrast with the rest of the NV housing, especially in cooler weather. Admittedly, I do not have experience with every commercially available night vision setup, so there is a possibility that an extremely large, naked man was hiding at the bottom of the ravine… in 40 degree weather… with 20,000 dollar night vision goggles that emit zero heat,”


Return To The Site

A decision was made return to the area in an attempt to retrieve the footprint  which were observed. Joe Perdue and myself returned to the site in daylight this time and decide to try to recreate the sighting on thermal.  After a hard time getting to the spot, Joe managed to get to the area where the thermal was captured.  After falling several times he managed to get into the area where the thermal was pointed that night.  He made several discoveries in this area of impressions and foot prints in the hillside as well as evidence of something feeding on nettle in that spot.  


 As stated prior, this area is a steep ravine, even in day light traversing it was tedious and dangerous.  There were steep drop offs, holes between rocks and various wood fall debris which has collected in the valley that would make any attempt to navigate this area at night with a flashlight very difficult if not impossible in some places.  The thought that someone could navigate this area at night in pitch darkness is something none of us can fathom.  Our best guess is the target would have been about 50 yards from where I stood.

At the time of the recreation temperature in the area were around 38 degrees F, a bit colder than the night of the sighting but the thermal recreation showing Joe instead of the target is very different.  As of now,  the video documentation has been seen by many researchers and we are confident enough to release the data to allow others to decide for themselves wat may have been actually captured in that valley.

Taking the submerged cast

Evidence of something large in the valley

A track cast was taken from the site and is currently under peer review.  You will be able to watch future documentations of this investigation on our YouTube channel.

This case will be updated in the future.


Rowlesburg WV Cryptid Old Report

This represents a historical report from over 40 years ago according to the witness. Here is that account as stated:


" I've heard this story several times since I was a kid, this is not a first hand account. My mother's uncles were walking from town, (Rowlesburg) to where their aunt lived on the edge of town. Late 40s I think. One of the men was at the time a WW2 vet, the other was in his late teens. As they walked by the town cemetery they saw a figure near the center, where there is a flagpole. At first they thought it was a person walking, until they realized it looked like it was gliding more than walking. It was described as very tall, near or over 7 feet. Large build, wide shoulders. No description of the clothing. As they looked they realized it had the head of a dog. Similar to a German Shepard with pointed ears. They said they were just frozen there for a second and could do nothing but stare as it moved closer to the wall and sidewalk. The sidewalk is a few feet higher than the cemetery and there is a waist high concrete wall on that side. Probably 100 feet from where they stood to where they saw the being. While looking at it the being quickly covered about half the distance to them before they took off running. They ran the quarter mile to their aunt's and spilled to story out to other family members there. One left in his car to go look, they refused to go with him. He saw nothing, and they walked home the next day. Neither of them even liked to drive past there at night after that. I know of no other sighting of this in the area since, and I even lived right next to the cemetery for about a year. It's easily viewable on google maps, Riverview Cemetery. I heard this long before I ever heard of a dogman, but I know no other way to describe it."

Historical accounts like this are sometimes helpful in finding data in areas of modern sightings and providing validation for others who may have seen or heard something similar.  This is why it important to preserve these local sightings and tales.


Strange Creature Sighted


Another older report:

"2006, July. 10:30 pm  (I think mid-July) I was driving from a friend’s in Canaan Valley back to my home in Elkins. We had a heavy rain storm earlier in the evening, which had cleared off leaving a humid, wet, clear, warm summer night. Time was approx. 10:30pm. As I descended the mountain on Rt. 33 W travelling approx. 55 MPH, coming out at Bowden and entering onto the highway above Bowden, I noticed ahead someone walking diagonally towards my vehicle on the opposite (E) side of the road. Being cautious, I slowed slightly since there was a pedestrian on the highway. No other cars around. Only hills and Kelly Mountain to the left of the roadway; steep hill, the river and Revelle’s Campground down the hill to the right. As I approached and drove past the person walking, my headlights illuminated them. I was in the fast lane, closer to them, so I got a decent look. It was a tall, lanky approx. 6’-7’ person wearing khakis and a thigh-length fur coat with the hood up, about to cross the median. His legs were very lanky. The “fur coat” was light brown, with tan tips, and matched the “khaki pants” perfectly in hue. I couldn’t make out their face because it was dark from the hood being up, but they watched my car drive by while they continued walking, staring. “What the hell,” I thought, “Why was that guy wearing a fur coat with a hood up walking around on this hot summer night?” It was strange, but it’s not uncommon to see weirdos walking on the WV roads late at night in all conditions, so I didn’t think a whole lot about it until a few weeks later when I realized that I may have seen a young Sasquatch. Maybe he ventured down out of the hills to get a drink at the river on a hot summer night…he was perhaps too inexperienced to know to avoid highways and areas with no cover. I have thought about it a great deal in the subsequent years and done a bit of my own local research. Turns out there are several documented Bigfoot sightings in that area of Randolph County by hunters and other outdoorsmen and property owners. Or I just saw an unusually tall man with khakis and a long fur coat with the hood up out for a leisurely stroll on a remote highway late on a hot summer night."

We do not claim that ours is the definitive answer for this event, it is only a logically derived opinion based on the limited data that we were privy to.  Due to recent resurfacing of this image on social media we have been asked about our involvement in this case and we are releasing the details of our report.  Note: This initial report was filed away as a "non-event" by us after there was no further interest shown toward an actual investigation of the site at the time.  It is our belief that this represent a "misidentification event" and is NOT a deliberate hoax as some have suggested.  


Elkview: Alleged Creature Carrying Animal


10/18/20 The Report

Oct 18, 2020 10: 04 pm : Contacted seven months after by a mutual friend who made us aware of the event after seeing it on a fb post.

Joe makes contact with the camera owner who provides the file from the trail camera.

 OCT  18th Ron receives the photo and photo analysis and enhancements are made.

Photos are sent to Joe Mon Oct 19, 2020 at 10:54 AM

Oct 19 Our analysis is made public in a group discussion.  Our opinion was that this was likely a tall poacher. The camera owner replied that he believed it was not a poacher and that no one on the property that he knew of was that tall.  Joe further explains the photo and stated it was likely a field dressed deer.   

 Following our preliminary conclusion, a request was made OCT 19 for further investigation of the site and to interview the camera owner.   

During this conversation it is learned that the camera was initially installed for Coyote hunting purposes.  This camera was only up for 3 to 4 days before the picture was taken.  Of note: there were two pictures on the camera of coyote before the image in question.  We also were provided some daylight photos of the area from the same camera showing other wildlife. 

Witness noted in the past he had heard “screams” “limbs breaking” and stated that he had dogs that were displaying unusual behavior.  There is a pipeline in the area that he said animal’s use.

His estimation was that the eyes seen in the photo were 8ft off ground (we assumed 6.6 from the picture provided).

The camera owner initially agreed to an onsite investigation and offered armed security to the area and claimed he had not been back to the sight at night since the event.

Joe offered for us to investigate and take a closer look at the property to which the reply was that they would check schedules and get back with us on a date.  One month later Joe inquired again but received no response.  That concluded our involvement with this case as we moved on to a secondary report which became known as the “Wineberry” investigation.

Based on the current data we believe that the likely explanation is that the image is of a poacher with a LED headlight on , you can make out what appears to be a small light which is consistent with a power indicator light on most headsets.  Enhancement and upscaling also shows what appears to be a hand.  In the photo overlay more detail can be seen to give estimations of height based on known objects in scene. (imgs below)

Blue barrel near porch is roughly 35” in height, the poacher seems to be in front of the barrel as the right side is cut off sharply by what could be thick clothing.  This would be consistent with hunting overalls and being March it would be rather cold.  By observing the overlay , the image of what appears to us to be a hunter carrying a field dressed deer seems to be the logical explanation.


Above: Daytime image from camera. Bottom: Composite of day & night img



Randolph County Older Report

This represents a historical report from over 40 years ago according to the witness. Here is that account as stated:

"This happened in the late 40s, I've heard the story several times beginning when I was probably 12 or so. My mother's uncles were walking from town to their aunt's house at the edge of town. While walking past Riverview Cemetery they saw a tall creature (over 7ft) near the center of the cemetery. They stopped to look at it and said that it seemed to be gliding and not walking. Tall, broad shoulders, with the head of a dog. Similar to a German Shepard shape, with pointed ears. It started moving towards them and they ran the remaining quarter mile to their aunt's house. Another family member then drove down to see if he could spot it and saw nothing. At the time one of these men was in his late teens and the other a WW2 vet. They wouldn't even ride back past there in a car that night, and walked home the next day. One said he hated to drive past there at night for years after that. I've no heard of another sighting of this being before or since then. I even lived next to that cemetery for a year and saw nothing. It's in a residential area, not a shadowed, spooky place and I've never heard of any activity there besides this."

Historical accounts are sometimes helpful in finding data in areas of modern sightings and it is important to preserve these local sightings.

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