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Researchers, Artist & More


Meet WV's Ambassadors of the Paranormal

Ron and Joe from Wild & Weird WV  and Wild & Weird Radio are both paranormal researchers and artists who find inspiration from real world encounters to produce art and sculptures in many different forms and media.  Both have backgrounds in research and investigations when it comes to  the subject of paranormal phenomena.  They have both experienced and documented the paranormal for years, collecting and sharing data in various multimedia presentations and lectures at events in multiple states. From UFOs to Bigfoot they employ high tech gear for data collection. They also use their art skills and business platforms to reach out at festivals to those who may have experienced something they can not fully understand.  They are committed to community growth as well as helping to find answers to all thing paranormal.  In 2020 they founded the West Virginia High Strangeness Collective, a joint research project designed to provide rapid response data collection to sightings in West Virginia.  They are both hosts of the Podcast "Wild & Weird Radio" where they discuss many different paranormal topics from around the world. In 2023 the team was named the 2022 Bigfoot Researchers of the Year.  Their work can be seen on their own YouTube Channel and in multiple documentaries from Small Town Monsters,  as well as The Discovery+  Series "Finding Bigfoot:The Search Continues" 


Researchers, Creators and More

Joe Perdue & Ron Lanham


Ron Lanham

Ron has a background in art both physical and 3D  as well as music and video and has worked to produce 3D content for various multimedia projects.  Ron has been involved in paranormal and UFO research for over thirty years following personal experiences which led him to eventually found Wild & Weird West Virginia around 2017 along with  friend and business partner Joe Perdue.  The mission is to investigate,  document, and record the many strange accounts in West Virginia and beyond.  Through this they hope to  help others who may have experienced an encounter to try to find some answers. 

Ron was featured in the Small Towns Monsters film. "The Mothman Legacy" and can be seen in "On the Trail of UFOs  - Dark Sky" and most recently featured in the Bigfoot series "Sasquatch Unearthed: Mountain State Monsters (True Bigfoot Encounters)"

Ron has also contributed both art and accounts for Dave Spink's "Real West Virginia UFOs -The Revised Edition" As well as artwork for the same authors book "Cooking With Cryptids" and other publications.

Ron has spoken at several conventions including The Mothman Festival and the Wytheville UFO Festival with several TBA dates for 2023 (Check Calendar for Upcoming events)

Joe Perdue

Joe is a USAF Veteran, Chef,  Master Naturalist & Conservationist.   Joe's main interests are Bigfoot related, following a sighting in his past he became fascinated with the possibility that a large undiscovered primate could be living in our forests.  He is a Co-founder of Wild & Weird West Virginia as well as the lead sculptor and mold maker for the Wild & Weird product lines.   Joe is also host of the Wild & Weird West Virginia Podcast "Wild & Weird Radio" .  

In 2021 Joe was featured on "Finding Bigfoot"  and has appeared on many podcasts and spoken at various conventions and festivals including The Mothman Festival. Joe has been featured in the Small Town Monsters film " On the Trail of UFOs Dark Sky" and has appeared in the Bigfoot series Beyond The Trail and Sasquatch Unearthed by the same production.  Joe also provided several recipes for the book "Cooking With Cryptids." by Dave Spinks
You can check out some pics from the  research gallery.  More will be added shortly.  Also keep up to date with sightings by clicking on the "sightings tab" above.  You can report your own sightings by clicking on the CONTACT button at the top of the page.
If you are interested in booking Ron & Joe for your event, reach out.
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