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 Here are a few projects you may have seen us in over the years. 

The Mothman Legacy

This was the first time Ron's encounter with a being resembling the Mothman was made public to a wider audience. It was a great project and it lead to many similar reports. Was it Mothman? We can not say but it was definably a strange encounter. 


Sasquatch Unearthed Series

This was the first episode Wild & Weird was featured in discussion Bigfoot. Joe provides some background on the physical nature of the phenomena in this one and sets it up for the next episodes. 


Finding Bigfoot The Search Continues

Some of our research was featured in this special Finding Bigfoot Episode in which Joe introduced the team to one of our active research areas.


On The Trail Of UFOs; Dark Sky

We were asked to contribute to On The Trail Of UFOs: Dark Sky where gave a bit of an overview on on our theories and went over a few cases.


Something In The Woods

Ron and Joe  go over some of their data that points to something else being observed in conjunction with possible Bigfoot activity as they take the crew along for an investigation at Wineberry.

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