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The following represent a small sample of sightings of UFO / UAP that we receive. Most are easily identified but some like the ones listed here remain a mystery.  If you have witnessed UFO / UAP activity,   please contact us and fill out the short form.  Your personal info is never shared unless you agree otherwise, we are only interested in sharing the accounts and verifying if they may have been observed by others in the area.


Hurricane, WV

1/11,19, 21 /23

Kanawha County, WV

Two witness reported multiple observations of strange flashing lights near their home. These objects were observed at dusk and consisted of multiple small blinking points of light moving just at tree top level. At one point the witness says the object followed their vehicle for several miles.


A witness was heading south on I-77 when they noticed what appeared to be two stars. Upon further observation they appeared to be oddly perfectly aligned one to the other. There was no sigh of flashing or strobing and at one point on of the light broke formation moving rapidly up toward the other light. According to the witness the bottom light eclipsed the top light merging with it in to one single light. The single light now moved back into about the same spot it was initially observed in and began to fade out.  The witness made it clear that this was a very unusual sighting. The light color was white and did not show signs of flashing or pulsing.

Cabell County, WV


At 6:45 am a witness and her brother were standing in their driveway talking when a strange shadow blocked out what little light was around. When looking up the witness described seeing a very large disc shaped craft silently hovering above the power lines. They observed the craft slowly glide over toward a nearby wooded area where it began to descend. They got a good look at the object and claim it was metallic in color with windows. After the object appeared to land nearby both got spooked and went inside.


Cabell County, WV

Friday evening May 5 two witnesses were sitting on their back porch after sunset when they noticed a strange glowing object in the sky. At first they thought they were seeing the reflection of the  setting setting sun on a plane but as they observed closer it appeared to be a "stationary glowing silver ball".  At this point one of the witnesses tried to get a picture of the object but upon raising the camera the object simply shrink and fade away without a trace.  "It did not move from its position, just faded to nothing there."

Object over Hurricane WV


WV High Strangeness Collective Member Submission from Ike Fauber.  Ike has managed to capture some interesting images of an apparent fast moving light source over the Hurricane region.  Ike scans the skies nightly for anything strange and reports in with his findings when he notes anything of interest.

Time was around 10PM

Weather conditions were clear at the time.

Each frame shown is a 30 second exposure showing travel of the object during the 30 seconds recorded.  The last frame shows an increase in acceleration and direction as the object leaves the field of view.

Ike has been making these recordings for years and has never seen anything quite like this.

UPDATE:  We have solved this one with the help of a Collective family member. It was an aircraft on approach to the closest airport.

Thanks to a collective family member from VT, we have solved this case.

Thanks to a collective member and follower from VT, we have solved this case.

Mannington, WV


A witness reported early in the morning around 3Am  that as a storm was rolling in. They were out watching and observed 2 meteors streak low across the sky.  Then to their surprise they watched as two large bright objects seemed to chase each other at great speed through the cloud cover. The witness observed this phenomena for over a half hour and stated that the two objects showed up seconds after the two meteors shot across the sky. They were moving at great speeds and making tight turns moving toward the observer then away.  There were no signs of a conventional aircraft.

Wild & Weird CON Incident


This is a broader look at the UFO/UAP Incident encountered during the follow up site investigation of the possible bigfoot activity at the VIP Workshop for Wild & Weird CON.  You can read the full report concerning the possible bigfoot activity HERE.  Once our group arrived back at the parking lot, Joe and I were capturing thermal footage of the surrounding area when at  7:38 Pm Joe turned the thermal viewer we were using on the site investigation up toward the sky and spotted a fast-moving object. I was tethered to the thermal and began recording.  The object was moving in a straight line from across the horizon at a good speed.  At first, I thought we were watching an aircraft, but all members of the group tried to get an actual visual on this object but saw nothing.  There were no blinking lights and no sound observed.  As the object moved over the horizon, Joe moved the scope up again and saw another bright moving object.  This time the object was intercepted by a faster moving object which was maneuvering in unusual manners. 

These objects were only visible with the thermal viewer

This is a broader look at the UFO/UAP Incident encountered during the follow up site investigation of the possible bigfoot activity encountered at the VIP Workshop for Wild & Weird CON.  You can read the full report concerning the possible bigfoot activity HERE. 


Once our group arrived back at the parking lot, Joe and I were capturing thermal footage of the surrounding area when at  7:38 Pm Joe turned the thermal viewer we were using on the site investigation up toward the sky and spotted a fast-moving object. I was tethered to the thermal and began recording.  This also allowed other witnesses to view the objects in real time.


The first object was moving in a straight line from across the horizon at a good speed.  At first, I thought we were watching an aircraft, but all members of the group tried to get an actual visual on this object but saw nothing.  There were no blinking lights and no sound observed.  As the object moved over the horizon, Joe moved the scope up again and saw another bright moving object.  This time the object was intercepted by a faster moving object which was maneuvering in unusual manners. 

One of the group members wanted to look through the device and more of the objects were soon spotted.  Just like the others we could not see them visually, only with the thermal. We attempted to debunk the sightings by finding some insects to test but insects, even large ones, did not have enough heat to show up as bright as the previous targets had.  The insects also moved in erratic patterns which were easy to identify.   We tried to target birds as well and spent a long time looking at thermal bird footage.  In the images of birds, we saw some hints of wing movement, in the clips we took, we could not see any such sign. 

Bird On Thermal

Insects On Thermal

We have 3 impartial witnesses who will verify everything stated here is accurate.  The witnesses were vendors at the CON and had an interest in going out with us to investigate the area, they had not been with us or anyone else on an investigation prior.  These witnesses have agreed to step forward and help us document the happenings of that evening.  One witness is Danner Seyffer-Sprauge of Conjure Dust Designs.  Danner was responsible for capturing the multiple UAP footage following the footage captured by Joe.

Danner's Statement:

"We happened upon a handful of UAPs while shooting some b-roll footage from a Sasquatch investigations.

Weather Conditions:

Partly cloudy, mostly clear night

A detailed description of you:

After returning to a site where a possible humanoid/Sasquatch was sighted (we were attempting to recreate the footage, but to no avail), our equipment started to act erratically, including coms and Geiger counter readings.


It wasn’t until we, by complete chance, looked to the sky with our infrared camera and picked up 3-4 bright, hot, seemingly circular craft hovering overhead that were completely invisible to the naked eye. They moved in strange, seemingly intentional patterns and one even took off into the horizon at very high speeds. We tracked the objects for a few minutes before they all disappeared. Attempts to recreate the footage by aiming the camera at bugs, birds, and bats were unsuccessful, so something strange was up there."


Following this incident as soon as we had peer review of the footage, I rushed to release a detailed account on our podcast and included footage from the night investigation as well as the UAP incident.   You can view that episode by clicking on the image above.  We have also interviewed each witness on separate shows and all have agreed to come forward. you can watch their episodes below.


Danner joins us near teh end of this episode with a witness testimony


Jamie and Jen include their observations of the event in this episode.



I began to experiment with the thermal in order to get a better idea of what common heat signatures may look like flying around. From my back deck I was able  to capture birds, insects and even aircraft but I also was able to capture what appears to be the same unexplained balls of light we recorded over Logan County on the evening of Oct 15th.


Still of one of the objects captured on thermal over Charleston. There was no sound but could it be a helicopter?



Since these images were recorded I have spoken with many researchers and enthusiasts trying to come up with an explanation.  Some of the explanations we have looked at are birds, insects and normal aircraft.  However examples of all of these do not match what has been captured. The ability to stop and start as well as make near 90 degree turns rules out all of these possible explanations in our opinion.  Also on one occasion I observed these phenomena while attempting a visual lock with a pair of binoculars.  There was nothing visible that I could observe.  

We have also noted that these phenomena seem to be present only during clear skies or in clear patches of the sky. This would suggest we are dealing with a phenomena that is at greater altitude than the cloud deck.  Further observations and tests are underway and we will update as we receive information.



On June 25 through 26, 2022 A G-1 class solar flare hit the earth. This flare was not predicted and hit without warning.  This event occurred during the time of a rare 5 planet alignment. Where we saw Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter & Saturn. This alignment was rare as it showed the planets in order from the sun, and it had not occurred since 1864.   We have seen a seeming spike at times in paranormal phenomena during solar flares.  On June 28th social media and news outlets exploded with reports of strange fiery orbs off the coast of San Diego.  These were seen as far south as Mexico and by days end they were explained away as flares and training exercises.  These lights were visible for over 20 min from multiple locations and were said to be performing maneuvers which conventional gravity dropped flares cannot do.

With this activity, the solar flares, and the planetary alignment in mind on June 29th I issued a call for our group members to report anything unusual they may witness in the next 48 hours or prior to.

The following are the reports I received.


A witness in Buckhannon, WV reported a bright oblong object east of his house traveling south to North at low altitude, lower than a passenger jet.  The witness looked for standard  navigation strobes on the craft which was observed for about 10-15 seconds and reported none were seen.  The object then simply “blinked out”.  The witness reasoned the craft could have gone behind some clouds but after retrieving a pair of binoculars he stated that he could clearly see there was no sign of the object and that there were no clouds in the sky.


At 11:08 pm In Poca, WV, a witness and his wife both observed a bright slow moving light that seemed to stop then got even brighter and then shot off and disappeared.  In the witnesses’ own words:

“I was just out looking at the sky and I thought it was a slow-moving satellite but when it almost came to a complete stop and got extremely bright and then started moving again and was gone in seconds... We saw it moving at the same time and both pointed and then that’s when it stopped and got extremely bright It was long enough for us both to say why is that so bright, I would say 2-3 seconds and then brightness went away and it moved to the west and gone No clouds clear sky.”

The light was about ¼ above the horizon from the center of the sky and was observed for no longer than 5 seconds.  Curiously enough the witness remembered later that prior to the sighting he had been shining a super bright flashlight up into the sky watching bats feed.  Was this related?

I reported this sighting to my contact at the local airport and am still waiting to hear anything back.


Mannington, WV

Witness observed 2 star-like objects in the sky traveling side by side that simply vanished.


after 12AM Personal observation and subsequent experiment , data to be released.


Charleston, WV

Personal observation following firework on hillside across from the Levee at the close of the Regatta .  I observed what I at first took to be a red ember rising over the river. The red object changed speed and seemed to flicker leading me to think it was simply a drone as there were at least 3 in the area during the fireworks.  The object rose moved to the right and faded out. 

Roughly 5 minutes later and again following some armature shells another object appeared this time a bit lower in the sky and moved toward the river. It was the same color as the one before and again it simply vanished.




I received a report from a witness from Nitro WV stating that he had observed what he at first thought to be a plane on fire and crashing around 7:00PM est. He quickly pulled out his phone and shot some video which he sent over to me. He observed the object for several minutes until it just sort of faded or dimmed out. It was traveling east, winds were toward the SW at 2mph and visibility was about 10 miles. In the video you can clearly see the object was pulsing and not simply flashing. If you observed anything similar in this time frame or have any important information in regards to this sighting, please let us know by reporting it on our web site. The witness is very familiar with the sky and said this object seemed to actually stop then pulsate, which he did manage to capture on video. "I seen something crazy. I thought there was a plane on fire. It came across quick at first. I could see flames blazing, it was orange. Then it stood still. I heard a kid downtown shout something. They could see it too. Fire in the sky."



June 27, 2021 Hurricane WV. 10:31  PM

I was recently sent this video clip that was captured on a Go-Pro during a sky watch.  It was recorded in Time lapse and shows an object fade into view and fade out in 26 frames.  Each frame is 30 seconds long and as such the duration of the event is 13 min long.

The witness stated that he felt this object would likely have gone completely unnoticed if it were not captured by his camera.  He asked me for any ideas and the only thing I could think of would be a high altitude atmospheric balloon lit by the setting sun? If you have any other ideas or opinions on this please feel free to drop them in the comments .

Orb Follows Vehicle


June 16, 2021

A witness reported an object in the sky that was following their vehicle as they were traveling toward Mammoth Cave Kentucky. The object was spotted at 5:17 am and was observed for about 10 minutes until it. “Just disappeared”. The object was described as an orb of light that that stayed brightly lit but randomly it would dim down then appear brighter until it finally dimmed out never to be seen again. When asked about the color the witness says it appeared white but when it got brighter it had more of a blueish hue to it. The witness recorded the event with a smart phone.  The witness simply claims to have no idea what this object may have been

This case was sent in as a direct result of the inquiry into witnesses of the sighting on the 19th above.   

An Abductee Reaches Out


May 4, 2021 

After receiving an email from an individual who wishes to remain autonomous,  we conducted a phone interview and decided to meet at a location in Flatwoods WV.  The witness told us they were referred to us by UFO researcher Stan Gordon (which was verified),  after contacting him about finding help with what he claimed were abduction events.   Stan had told the witness that there was not many around who looked into the phemnomena but he thought we might be able to help as we were closer and had some experience with the subject matter. 


The witness claims to have undergone multiple abductions by aliens for years and had many scars as a result which they claimed originated from these encounters. We observed the scaring and did note unusual scoops, geometric patterns and what appeared to be hollow or missing material under some of these scars. The witness had contacted us to find anyone who could help them better understand the phenomena.  They had traveled to many conferences around the country and were displeased with the lack of serious study being conducted on the subject and wanted to know how to contact a group or researcher who might better understand what they had gone trough . We explained that most of those groups no unfortunately no longer existed.  Following the death of Hopkins and Mack serious research into the phenomena of alien abduction has been lacking for years. The witness said the attempt at contacting state level researchers only resulted in disappointment and out dated contact info, this is why he contacted Mr Gordon.  We decided the case was important and worked to find a veteran researcher who could help this individual.


This case is out of our hands at this time and is closed on our end.


Huntington Area Sightings

On the evening of June 19 I received a message from a witness who had observed a strange light in the vicinity of her home. She says she had just pulled in her driveway when she noticed a strange light moving over a hill. She reported the light was bright orange , she says the object had no sound and was moving fast. In her words. “The whole thing kinda changed from an Orange to a light color but no typical flashes. It had me spooked “.

She took a short video of the object which shows the orange color and appears to be a single point light. The object was heading over Martha elementary towards Barboursville Conditions at the time of the event were clear but a storm was approaching.


Within 24 hrs I received a second sighting report from another witness who claims to have seen the same object near the same area. At around 10:30 PM the witness noticed a solid ball of light in the sky that was “very bright and oddly orange in color below the clouds. At first the witness thought nothing of it until their eyes focused on it and it could be seen this object was not a star, moon etc it was. “ a giant ball of light and it was completely unexplainable.

With these sightings occurring so close to the same area and at the same time, it is reasonable IMO to assume that this could be the same object. Both sightings describe an orageish ball of light.

Weather Data at time of Sightings


Visibility was 10 Miles









6_19photostill copy.jpg

Sissonville WV Wingless Object


March 28, 2021

I received a text from a witness in Sissonville WV after he and his girlfriend had spotted a strange wingless object in the sky that was headed over I-77 and thought I might be interested in it. The witness managed to take several short video clips which I was able to put back together. I created a visual documentation of this sighting which can be viewed here.

The full report follows.  


Sighting was on March 26 near Sissonville WV , over the Kanawha 2 Mile region. Sighting was reported to the West Virginia High Strangeness Collective on March 28 after the witness had seen an inquiry into a sighting we had posted to our facebook group earlier. Object was traveling NNW along I-77 North.  Object was bright and exhibited a flash on frame 13 which does not repeat as a normal aircraft strobe should. The witness stated there was no sound or visible wings on the aircraft which is consistent with what we see with the up scaling and enhancements.


Object exhibited no visible contrail. A contact at the near by airport states that. “A bright white steam lined private jet departed at 15:11” 3 hours prior to this event. As of right now there are no additional witnesses to the event.


UPDATE: I sent this over to veteran UFO researcher Stan Gordon to see what he had to say about it.  He sent me a report from PA of a similar sighting which occurred on  March 8


"March 8- A witness observed a shiny bright cigar-shaped object in the morning sky. The sky was generally clear with some fluffy clouds around. The object did not appear to have any wings or a tail section. The witness indicated that the object was so bright he had to squint his eyes to view it. The witness, who was very familiar with aircraft, stopped his vehicle and got out to take a better look at the object.


The object moved into a cloud better never exited from it." Based on the available data we are leaving this one open and ruling as of now as UNIDENTIFIED


Reports from PA Area 

If you have any information please contact us at: Please fill out the form , all personal info is for record keeping only and will not be shared unless to specify otherwise.

Hedgesville, WV


Both my boyfriend and I witnessed an orange orb/light hovering a few hundred feet above a home, then at a good speed crosses above us and then stopped.

Weather Conditions: Not cloudy, around 7-8pm. Well lit outside, normal evening.

A detailed description of you: We were at a friends house and I was sitting outside on a parked four wheeler, right before we turned it on and drove off, I noticed what I thought was a star slowly moving. I didn’t pay attention to it, and we continued. We were traveling down a back road we live near and I noticed through the trees that hang over the road, that there was a bright, low hanging orange light/orb a few hundred feet above a house on our left hand side. My neighbor has had several encounters and experiences with orange orbs, our area alone has had a good bit of sightings.

Hedgesville, WV


We received a report of what we initially thought to be possible air guard activities from the town of Hedgesville.  The reports bean to increase and the witness supplied several photos and detailed descriptions of activity. The witness claimed to see both orb type lights and saucer shaped objects near her home and says that when her and her son pointed a light at the objects they were chassed by these UFO.  The UFOs were said to change patterns and convey what she interpreted as intelligence. These sightings would culminate in what may be considered a contact or abduction case before leveling off in late 2021.

It is worth noting that another witness who lives in the same area came forward with video that seems to validate the UFO/UAP activity the witness had reported.

A full description of this event can be found in the latest edition of Dave Spinks UFOs Sightings and Close Encounters (The Revised Edition) 


Pulsing Red Lights Moundsville Area


February 12

A witness noted a series of odd lights moving toward the Moundsville WV area.  The lights were described as pulsing red,  not flashing  and moving about the speed of a helicopter.  These two pulsing red lights disappeared at which time three more lights arrived.  The witness observed that 2 of the 3 lights were very close together much like the original light had been.  As they watched one of the lights broke away from the others, at this point the lights began to go out one at a time until they had completely disappeared. 

These objects displayed no remarkable acceleration or maneuvering but the lights seem to be inconsistent with known aircraft navigation beacons.  The fact that one of the three lights veered off from the rest suggests that this was not one single object but rather several smaller ones.

Unfortunately there were no further witnesses who came forward in regards to this sighting.

UAP Davis, WV


10:25pm, Two witnesses reported that while looking toward the moon preparing to photograph the waxing gibbous phase of the moon. I happened to be enjoying the view of the Big Dipper toward the northern sky. Around 10:26pm I witnessed a bright tan/orangish light appear between Abeta Ursae Majoris (Merak) and Alpha Ursae Majoris (Dubhe) of the Big Dipper. These two stars being in the lowest part of the Big Dipper. The object then began moving across the sky in a southeast direction towards the most northern direction of the Dolly Sods Wilderness.  The object path ended when it went into the direction of a cloud and disappeared while making a “bounce” motion at about 10:28pm. Immediately after it disappeared, a second object (about 10:28pm) not quite as bright but very much noticeable came from the exact same direction of the Big Dipper before disappearing in nearly the same spot as the first object at about 10:29pm.

The first object was as bright as the moon but much smaller. Similar to comparing a quarter to a dime. The second object appeared to be about the same size but not as bright. The night sky was very clear around this time with only a few passing clouds and some moisture in the atmosphere.

The witness is a member of the WV High Strangeness Collective and is very familiar with astronomy and aircraft.  He made a point to contact me immediately after this sighting to verify the current position of Star Link , it was not visible in this area at the time.

After returning to camp the witness compiled a report and found another similar case.  He sent me some follow up research he had conducted upon returning to camp.  He came across a report from a witness in the area from January 2013 in which two bright orange lights were seen. A witness had described seeing a bright orange light moving from North to East and disappearing in a cloud bank.  Shortly after he and several other witnesses saw another light that seemed to trace the same path as the first.

This particular case was featured in "On the Trail of UFOs, Dark Sky"

UAP and Aircraft St Albans WV


October 8, 2020

Around 2 PM near St Albans WV a witness observed what they identified as an Osprey aircraft following a white round object.  They described the Osprey having a paint scheme they had not seen before. "(Camo Paint I’ve never seen before)"   The witness said it was as if the object  (UAP) were taunting the aircraft.  Shortly after this another aircraft entered the area which the witness identified as a fighter jet (model was not stated).   This jet had full afterburners on and was  headed straight toward the object.  At this time the UAP flashed an extremely bright light  twice then shot into the atmosphere as the witness says. "As quick as you could blink."  

Weather conditions were clear at the time.

The witness has a military background.

Attempts to identify the Osprey failed as the paint scheme is not something known in this area.  There are Osprey  operating out of CRW the closest airport and Air Guard base  but their paint scheme is grey.

No further information or witnesses came forward following an inquiry on this sighting.

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