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Have you had a sighting you would like to report?

Fill out this quick form and we will add it to our data. If you are requesting an onsite investigation please note, we are extremely busy. If such actions are requested and warranted, we may be in touch with you.
Sightings Report

NOTE: Personal information is for our records only unless you grant permission for such use later in this form.

Please check all boxes that relate to your account

If you have captured any supporting evidence check the box that applies.

We do not share names in our reports unless permission is given.  Your account may be publicized but your name, actual address or contact information will not be publicized by default. However, if you wish us to use your name, check this box to grant permission otherwise an alias will be assigned to public reports.

If warranted, may we contact you for follow up questions or investigation?

Disclaimer: Please Read

By submitting this account I understand that my identity will not be revealed unless I have given permission above. I further understand that my account may be shared in public reports and multimedia presentations by Wild & Weird West Virginia and The West Virginia High Strangeness Collective and that no compensation on my part is requested or expected at any time from any parties or subsidiaries involved with Wild & Weird West Virginia LLC or The West Virginia High Strangeness Collective.

Thank you for your report, we will get back to you after reviewing.If you need to send audio files or video, please try to trim a COPY to the area of interest, Backup and save your original files.

All reports are confidential and information is shared only with members of the investigative and research parties.
We will review your account and may contact you at a later date for a follow-up questionnaire . 

You may also join our Wild & Weird Talk Group on facebook to ask others about similar experiences.  
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