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Sightings Are Common

We are receiving sighting reports daily of UFOs, Bigfoot and other phenomena. We work with veteran researchers in the field to evaluate some of these accounts. What we have learned so far is that sightings are not as uncommon as some may think.  Our hope is that by gathering enough data we can help others like yourself realize that it is OK to talk about these incidents. Subjects that were once ridiculed are now being taken far more seriously. 

Thanks to witnesses and experiencers such as yourself,  we have managed to acquire a growing data base of sighting related information. If you would like to report your sighting we have made it simple to do so. Just click on the button below and answer the questions on the form, then submit.  If you have photos, video etc that you would like to include, please send an edited copy of the clip(s) that contains only the part(s) relevant to your account.  Always backup your maser files.  Understand that your media may be used in the data and report(s) on your case that we publicize. However we will keep all identifying factors private unless you state otherwise.

This is a small sample of the general data and look at what we are receiving. 

At this point we are comfortable saying that there is "something" being observed by the witnesses who allowed us to post their accounts here. The observations seem to mirror the data collected by official channels at this time and they seem to echo some of the findings observed by other research endeavors around the globe. We have reports of small single points of light or illuminated spheres moving at high speeds and sometimes displaying strange flight characteristics. In these reports they are observed visually but we have personally now observed and recorded multiple accounts of similar "objects" visible only in the thermal range over multiple states and usually while looking for other phenomena. One of the better known examples is the video below. 

If you have observed something unusual we ask that you consider sharing your account. We do not post witness names or addresses, have a look at the accounts under the drop down and see if any sound familiar to you.

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