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Some Sources For Researchers

Here are some useful tools you may want to invest in to help with your bigfoot and other cryptid research . 


Wild & Weird WV LLC are not affiliated with nor receive any compensation for the products shown.  We only show them here because we use and like them.  If your interested in them, click on the images for links.


A collapsible bucket you can use to mix plaster , breaks down quick to store in your backpack.

Glenn Adkin's Original Squatch Stick

Click on their shop to get your own.


Zoom H4n, H5, H6

We use zoom recorders for all of our audio collection needs. The frequency response and construction makes them the best choice for serious audio collection.


Ledlenser Rechargeable Headlamps

Built strong, and have great battery life.  Also include color gels for map reading etc.

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