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Meet Ron Lanham and Joe Perdue the  artists ,   researchers  & experiencers behind "Wild & Weird West Virginia".  Both work with various media and use it to create art based on sightings and legends local and world wide.   They use this art as a platform to help promote discussions from individuals who may have witnessed something but who are afraid to talk about it.  The paranormal is more accepted now than ever before with more media coverage and states embracing their legends for tourism rather than hiding from it.  Their art can be found in shops across the country and on line by clicking the SHOP tab.  In 2020 after many years of talking about it they started the popular "Wild & Weird  Radio" Podcast with fellow artist and investigator Wayne Barnes and announced a new research project called the "West Virginia High Strangeness Collective" as well as founding the states first "Wild & Weird CON",  a true multi-day paranormal expo and convention which unfortunately had to be postponed until 2021 due to COVID.   In 2020 Ron's sighting of a creature resembling Mothman debuted in the Small Town Monsters Film "The Mothman Legacy"  The two continue to help bring a sense of normalcy to the paranormal by helping with tourist attractions and venues to promote the Wild & Weird history of the state and have become West Virginia's self proclaimed Ambassadors of the paranormal.

Welcome to Wild & Weird West Virginia


Investigation of alleged Bigfoot Activity

We are excited to announce that our short film of the doccumentation of a possible bigfoot in Wyoming County West Virginia is now playing on our YouTube Channel for everyone to go see. CLICK ON IMAGE TO WATCH. If you enjoy it, drop us a comment and be sure to subscribe to the channel for more free content.

Now you can show your support for one of the best paranormal podcasts out there by picking up some of our unique original designs on many different products.  Follow the SHOPS tab above. Some designs exclusive to some sites.

Fans can not get enough of Wild & Weird Radio, our weekly podcast.   If you like UFOs, Cryptids ,and anything unexplained , then you will enjoy this fun and informative show.   Join your hosts every weekend as they look into various phenomena and legends from all over the world and beyond.  

Choose from a small sample of our episode backlog below

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The West Virginia High Strangeness Collective

We are not just artists who sell paranormal themed items,  we are experiencers and researchers who are convinced there are actual answers to some of these deeper mysteries.  We also believe the only way to find those answers is to work together and share our data.  This is the building block of the WVHSC , a research and investigation network designed to gather and record data on various paranormal incidents as quickly as possible in an attempt to help find answers to these wild and weird occurrences in the mountain state.  We are comprised of many professional  individuals with unique skill sets that contribute to the general mission of the group.   If you have had an encounter or sighting you would like to talk about, please feel free to contact us. 

We have been getting a lot of inquiries on joining the collective.  As of right now the group is full but we will be opening it up later for more future applicants so keep watching. 


We believe the only way in which we can find answers to some of the mysteries surrounding us, is by looking at every submitted case.  If you have had an encounter and would like to have it added to our data base , or if you would like some possible answers or resources,  please click on the REPORT A SIGHTINGS tab below and fill out the simple online form.  All data is kept confidential and only shared among case members .  We will screen the initial report and may send a more detailed questionnaire if we think it is warranted. 


Are you interested in UFOs, Cryptids and the paranormal and staying up to date with real world events relating to these topics?  Are you looking for a group that is fun and drama free?  If so,  you are looking for the  Wild and Weird Talk group.  We work very hard to keep this site free from drama, and spam plus you can share your accounts without fear of being ridiculed.  You will also get real time updates on all things related to our other projects and events.  Just answer the 3 membership questions and we will approve you ASAP.  

NOTE: You must answer question #3 above all others stating that you agree to the rules or we will not accept.