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Welcome to Wild & Weird West Virginia

Meet researchers & artists, Ron Lanham and Joe Perdue, West Virginia's "Ambassadors of the Paranormal. They are the  creative  minds  behind "Wild & Weird West Virginia".  Both work with various media and use it to create art based on sightings and legends local and world wide.   They use this art as a platform to help promote discussions from individuals who may have witnessed something but who are afraid to talk about it.  Their art can be found in shops across the country and on line by clicking the SHOP tab.  Ron and Joe have both researched various phenomena for years prior to founding Wild & Weird WV.  They can be found at many events where they give presentations on their research, findings and more.  In 2020 after many years of talking about it they started the popular "Wild & Weird  Radio" Podcast with the late artist and investigator Wayne Barnes and announced a new research project called the "West Virginia High Strangeness Collective" as well as founding the states first "Wild & Weird CON",  a true multi-day paranormal expo and convention.  The two have since been featured in various publications, multiple projects with Small Town Monsters, Animal Planets "Finding Bigfoot", Discovery+, consulted for Productions with Travel, and were named the 2022 Bigfoot Researchers of the Year. They now host several events yearly and are active in bridging the paranormal divide and investigating all aspects of the paranormal.

You can find additional info in their Bios HERE.


Welcome to 2024


To say that this will be an amazing event is an understatement. This will be a workshop unlike any ever offered in the state.  The event sold out in record time but there will be other Wild & Weird Workshops coming this year. Stay up to date with what is happening by joining our YouTube Channel and tuning in to the LIVE Wild & Weird Radio Episodes every Thursday Night at 8PM EST, that is where we make real time announcements to the community. Thank you all and we will see you out there!

The secret of Wineberry was finally revealed to everyone as Small Town Monsters focused heavily on the site for their series " Sasquatch Unearthed, Mountain State Monsters". Our research style and various data pints were also shown to a wider audience. The thermal target from Logan County played a large part in the latest episode (above).

Full Report of the Wild & Weird CON
Sightings Is Now Available


West Virginia's largest all inclusive Paranormal Conference returned with incredible vendors, speakers and a few surprise guests.  The VIP Night hike by Hellbent Holler turned out to be an amazing experience for all those who attended when an unexpected encounter occurred and was captured on camera!  The next day even more high strangeness ensued and was witnessed by several of our guests.   Wild & Weird CON definitely lived up to it's name and we can not wait to see you all again next year!  You can view event photos and extras in the gallery shortly. 


What did we capture on our thermal?  This footage has now been looked at by multiple researchers and all agree it's something that should not have been there and it appears to be very large.


Over 80,000 Downloads and climbing fast. Join us every Friday at 8PM est for a new premiere episode of Wild & Weird Radio on our YouTube Channel.  We will be available during the LIVE premiere for Q&A. 


Thank you Wytheville!


It was a full house at the Wytheville UFO Fest for our speaking engagement

Thank you Virginia! Once again it was an honor presenting for the amazing crowd at the Wytheville UFO Festival. This years presentation was met with great enthusiasm by the crowd and resulted in numerous personal accounts.  This show is always a great event and we look forward to participating in it again next season.

After years of wanting to go , we finally landed in Kecksburg PA.  Home of the famous 1965 space acorn crash, this small town hold a very large 3 day party to celebrate the event.  After a two year delay the festival returned and with it came thousands of visitors from around the world and maybe beyond!  Enjoy this short video of the event. We will see you all there next year!

We Pride ourselves on being "Ambassadors of the Paranormal" here at Wild & Weird West Virginia. We put a lot of work into not only promoting West Virginia but also in getting the public used to the idea that it's OK to have and talk about strange phenomena.  Not only can it be therapeutic, it can also benefit the entire state especially in some of the smaller counties.  We are honored to be asked to help out,  feel free to contact us.
WWHS_SEAL copy.png

The West Virginia High Strangeness Collective

We are not just artists and podcasters who sell paranormal themed items and just talk about it,  we are experiencers and researchers who are convinced there are actual answers to some of these deeper mysteries.  We also believe the only way to find those answers is to work together and share our data.  This is the building block of the WVHSC , a research and investigation network designed to gather and record data on various paranormal incidents as quickly as possible in an attempt to help find answers to these wild and weird occurrences in the mountain state and beyond.  We are comprised of many professional  individuals with unique skill sets that contribute to the general mission of the group.   If you have had an encounter or sighting you would like to talk about, please feel free to contact us. 

To date we helped many individuals come to terms with their encounters with the unknown and helped find answers or at least point them in the right direction.  If you have had an encounter and are looking for answers reach out to us by clicking on CONTACT tab.   All personal data is kept strictly confidential.


We believe the only way in which we can find answers to some of the mysteries surrounding us, is by looking at every submitted case.  If you have had an encounter and would like to have it added to our data base , or if you would like some possible answers or resources,  please click on the REPORT A SIGHTINGS tab below and fill out the simple online form.  All data is kept confidential and only shared among case members .  We will screen the initial report and may send a more detailed questionnaire if we think it is warranted. 


Are you interested in UFOs, Cryptids and the paranormal and staying up to date with real world events relating to these topics?  Are you looking for a group that is fun and drama free?  If so,  you are looking for the  Wild and Weird Talk group.  We work very hard to keep this site free from drama, and spam plus you can share your accounts without fear of being ridiculed.  You will also get real time updates on all things related to our other projects and events.  Just answer the 3 membership questions and we will approve you ASAP.  

NOTE: You must answer question #3 above all others stating that you agree to the rules or we will not accept.

Wild & Weird Workshops 

In 2021 we held the first Wild & Weird Bigfoot Workshop in the state and the results were amazing.  In 2023 we did it again and it was even bigger and participants got some interesting first hand evidence.  This year we are back with and expanded offering and will also have a High Strangeness Workshop & UFO Watch added to the events.  With this ongoing series you will get to learn great techniques, meet like minded individuals and learn how to properly collect data, skills such as basic tracking, proper load out and more. 
More dates coming soon.
March 2021 the First Ever Bigfoot Workshop In WV 
2023 Bigfoot Workshop#2 With Special Guest Glenn Adkins


We try our best to keep our online content FREE for everyone. We get support from you, our fans who have helped us by purchasing our items in our etsy shop or at shows.  That means as long as we have the continued support of everyone out there, we will keep making even better content for our Podcast and creating more workshops and events in order to reach out to as many people as we can..  

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