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A legendary celebration of cosmic proportions

"On September 12, 1952 something crashed or landed in West Virginia.  The legend begins when a group of three children Edward May, Fred May and Tommy Hyer spot a fiery object crashing to earth on a near by hill. The boys thinking it must be a meteorite decide to go investigate. The boys drop by their home to tell their mother.  Who Along with Eugene Lemon (a National Guardsmen) and two other children, Neil Nunley and Ronnie Shaver decide to go in search of the fiery visitor.  What they come up on has been the stuff of legends for over 70 years.  Was it an alien? Was it a machine sent to guard a UFO?  There are multiple theories..." 


On Saturday Sep 9th, 2023 Wild & Weird WV teamed up with researcher and author Dave Spinks to bring the Flatwoods Monster Convention & UFO Conference to the Days In in Flatwoods WV.  It was an amazing and special day as it was officially kicked off with a moment of silence for Freddie May and the rest of the witnesses who have since passed.  Mrs, WV America herself Amber Haddix was there showing off the amazing pageant dress inspired by the Flatwoods Monster. Later in the day Wild Bill from Mountain Monsters showed up completely by surprise just to hang out but the big surprise came when children of the two of the witnesses showed up and were happy to see everyone coming out to celebrate a subject their fathers had been once ridiculed for reporting what they saw.  Chris May, Freddie Mays son and Lauri Nunley, Neil Nunley's daughter told how their father would rarely speak about the subject while they were growing up.  One of the children of the Frame Town incident was in attendance as well and told how his mother had described a similar creature during their encounter the following evening just a few miles down the road. 

There were also plenty of vendors on hand plus some incredible speakers who met tons of fans and gave very informative presentations some of which contained information never before shared publicly. There was a Cryptid Costume contest which was pretty east to judge with only two entrees but everyone had an amazing time.  One of the attendees commented on a social media site;

"...What an amazing event - fun, informative, great vendors and speakers. I hope to see this grow, but what I really enjoyed was that it was a more intimate and accessible experience. We felt like a part of the fun - like guests at a party, not like attendees at a show..."

We thank each and everyone of you who came out and showed your support.  I know many ate at the local establishments, we sent a few.  Our goal was to create something that fans of the Flatwoods Monster and local community could be proud, a way to truly celebrate the legend. I believe we succeeded, where it goes from here is up to the fans and the community.

Stay Wild & Weird WV!

A legendary Celebration
The Flatwoods Monster Convention & UFO Conference drew in some very interested people from across the country.

One more thing...

Freddie May's son and Neil Nunley's daughter were among the hundreds who visited The Flatwoods Monster Convention Sept 9, 2023 held in honor of the witnesses and the historic legend.

Thank You To Our Sponsors

This show would not have been possible without our sponsors and the amazing team behind the scenes who helped put it all together. Special thanks to everyone who has donated to make this historic event happen

Small Town Monsters have created some of the best paranormal documentaries available. Their "Flatwoods Monster A Legacy of Fear" Is in our opinion one of the best documentaries on the events surrounding the sighting that you will find.


We could not have the event without the help from these guys. Be sure to visit the museum while you are in town.


Special Thanks To Our Vendor Adulting Axolotl for their donation to the event. Be sure to visit their booth while at the convention.

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