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The Stone Man: Sasquatch of the Mountain State

The legends of Sasquatch stretch across our country from one corner the next. Every region has its own name for the creature, from Yowie, Booger, or Momo to the Grass Man, Swamp Ape, and our very own… The Stone Man. Each variety seems to come with its own characteristics ranging from inquisitive to outright aggressive. The first encounters with the Stone Man were not necessarily pleasant ones, the eye witness accounts are very similar to the Ape Canyon incident. Early settlers in of West Virginia faced many trials to establish themselves in the unforgiving, untamed mountains and the Stone Man presented its own problems.The name Stone Man came from the Cherokee term Nun’Yunu’Wi (dressed in stone), because its skin was like stone, grey in color and the native weapons were unable to pierce its skin and its affinity for throwing small boulders at settlements and camps.

There are stories of encounters where families that had just established their small settlements having large stones thrown onto their roofs and through the walls of the log homes. Thankfully more recent encounters with Sasquatch, or rather the Stone Man,have been much more peaceful. I’ve studied stories of The Stone Man for many years, it’s becoming much harder to find some of the older sightings accounts from the days when settlers were first charting out their paths in WV prior to it splitting off from Va during the Civil War. Many of the websites that used to house the info are now dead sites. Under this set of field notes I plan on doing my best to track down as many of those accounts as I can to catalog them here for future preservation. One thing is for sure, sightings of Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Stone Man, whatever name you choose to call this creature areas active as ever.

The BFRO has active listings of first hand sightings posted, with the most recent sent to the BFRO being in July.

Ron, Maria (his wife) and I had our own encounter a couple years back with something that we could not explain. It was one of the most incredible screams I’ve ever heard in my life. More recently there has been activity that is also unexplained around our home since July, 2018 in the forms of tree knocks,whistles, a STONE being thrown, and bizarre chatter. The more recent personal events will be cataloged and posted under its own “Field Notes” directory as the events are ongoing and still considered open and active.

Stay Wild & Weird-Joe

Joe Perdue

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