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Paint The Town Weird


How To Win:
1. Download the 2 UP img in the following link
2. Print it out
3. Post the printout in your neighborhood, city , place of business, etc
(make sure you have permission)
4. Take a pic and post it to your social media using #FLATWOODSMONSTERCON

Every  2 posted gives you a chance to win the sculpture.
You have to post these in separate locations, no putting 2 up on a pole and taking a pic guys (we've seen it before)
Choose color or B&W both count.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a prize donation created by hand by Wild & Weird WV valued at over $100. There is a 25 post total minimum to start the contest. This minimum does not need to be from the same person but we must see 25 #flatwoodsmonstercon pic posted before this contest can start.

Whoever Posts the most WINS,
You must use the # or @ flatwoodsmonstercon so we can count your entry.
You must pick up your prize at the event on Saturday Sept 9th.
Not responsible for unclaimed prizes.




Right Click to save img of your choice, save to device then choose print.


Thank You To Our Sponsors

This show would not be possible without our sponsors. Special thanks to everyone who has donated to make this historic event happen

Small Town Monsters have created some of the best paranormal documentaries available. Their "Flatwoods Monster A Legacy of Fear" Is in our opinion one of the best documentaries on the events surrounding the sighting that you will find.


We could not have the event without the help from these guys. Be sure to visit the museum while you are in town.


Special Thanks To Our Vendor Adulting Axolotl for their donation to the event. Be sure to visit their booth while at the convention.


Special Thanks To Our Vendor Crow-Town Squatchers for their donation to the event. Be sure to visit their booth while at the convention.


Special Thanks To Creatureplica for their donation to the event.

Would You Like To Help Sponsor This Event?

packages are still available, contact us to learn more.

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