Most sightings are easily identified but some like the ones listed here remain a mystery or are of historical importance.  If you have witnessed a bigfoot or other cryptid,   please contact us and fill out the short form.  Your personal info is never shared , we are only interested in the account and verifying if it was observed by others in the area.


Rowlesburg WV Cryptid Old Report

This represents a historical report from over 40 years ago according to the witness. Here is that account as stated:


" I've heard this story several times since I was a kid, this is not a first hand account. My mother's uncles were walking from town, (Rowlesburg) to where their aunt lived on the edge of town. Late 40s I think. One of the men was at the time a WW2 vet, the other was in his late teens. As they walked by the town cemetery they saw a figure near the center, where there is a flagpole. At first they thought it was a person walking, until they realized it looked like it was gliding more than walking. It was described as very tall, near or over 7 feet. Large build, wide shoulders. No description of the clothing. As they looked they realized it had the head of a dog. Similar to a German Shepard with pointed ears. They said they were just frozen there for a second and could do nothing but stare as it moved closer to the wall and sidewalk. The sidewalk is a few feet higher than the cemetery and there is a waist high concrete wall on that side. Probably 100 feet from where they stood to where they saw the being. While looking at it the being quickly covered about half the distance to them before they took off running. They ran the quarter mile to their aunt's and spilled to story out to other family members there. One left in his car to go look, they refused to go with him. He saw nothing, and they walked home the next day. Neither of them even liked to drive past there at night after that. I know of no other sighting of this in the area since, and I even lived right next to the cemetery for about a year. It's easily viewable on google maps, Riverview Cemetery. I heard this long before I ever heard of a dogman, but I know no other way to describe it."

Historical accounts like this are sometimes helpful in finding data in areas of modern sightings and providing validation for others who may have seen or heard something similar.  This is why it important to preserve these local sightings and tales.


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Randolph County Older Report

Another older report:

"2006, July. 10:30 pm  (I think mid-July) I was driving from a friend’s in Canaan Valley back to my home in Elkins. We had a heavy rain storm earlier in the evening, which had cleared off leaving a humid, wet, clear, warm summer night. Time was approx. 10:30pm. As I descended the mountain on Rt. 33 W travelling approx. 55 MPH, coming out at Bowden and entering onto the highway above Bowden, I noticed ahead someone walking diagonally towards my vehicle on the opposite (E) side of the road. Being cautious, I slowed slightly since there was a pedestrian on the highway. No other cars around. Only hills and Kelly Mountain to the left of the roadway; steep hill, the river and Revelle’s Campground down the hill to the right. As I approached and drove past the person walking, my headlights illuminated them. I was in the fast lane, closer to them, so I got a decent look. It was a tall, lanky approx. 6’-7’ person wearing khakis and a thigh-length fur coat with the hood up, about to cross the median. His legs were very lanky. The “fur coat” was light brown, with tan tips, and matched the “khaki pants” perfectly in hue. I couldn’t make out their face because it was dark from the hood being up, but they watched my car drive by while they continued walking, staring. “What the hell,” I thought, “Why was that guy wearing a fur coat with a hood up walking around on this hot summer night?” It was strange, but it’s not uncommon to see weirdos walking on the WV roads late at night in all conditions, so I didn’t think a whole lot about it until a few weeks later when I realized that I may have seen a young Sasquatch. Maybe he ventured down out of the hills to get a drink at the river on a hot summer night…he was perhaps too inexperienced to know to avoid highways and areas with no cover. I have thought about it a great deal in the subsequent years and done a bit of my own local research. Turns out there are several documented Bigfoot sightings in that area of Randolph County by hunters and other outdoorsmen and property owners. Or I just saw an unusually tall man with khakis and a long fur coat with the hood up out for a leisurely stroll on a remote highway late on a hot summer night."


Rowlesburg WV Cryptid Old Report

This represents a historical report from over 40 years ago according to the witness. Here is that account as stated:

"This happened in the late 40s, I've heard the story several times beginning when I was probably 12 or so. My mother's uncles were walking from town to their aunt's house at the edge of town. While walking past Riverview Cemetery they saw a tall creature (over 7ft) near the center of the cemetery. They stopped to look at it and said that it seemed to be gliding and not walking. Tall, broad shoulders, with the head of a dog. Similar to a German Shepard shape, with pointed ears. It started moving towards them and they ran the remaining quarter mile to their aunt's house. Another family member then drove down to see if he could spot it and saw nothing. At the time one of these men was in his late teens and the other a WW2 vet. They wouldn't even ride back past there in a car that night, and walked home the next day. One said he hated to drive past there at night for years after that. I've no heard of another sighting of this being before or since then. I even lived next to that cemetery for a year and saw nothing. It's in a residential area, not a shadowed, spooky place and I've never heard of any activity there besides this."

Historical accounts are sometimes helpful in finding data in areas of modern sightings and it is important to preserve these local sightings.

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