The following represent a small sample of sightings of UFO / UAP that we receive. Most are easily identified but some like the ones listed here remain a mystery.  If you have witnessed UFO / UAP activity,   please contact us and fill out the short form.  Your personal info is never shared , we are only interested in the account and verifying if it was observed by others in the area.


If you have any information please contact us at: https://www.wildandweirdwv.com/contact-us Please fill out the form , all personal info is for record keeping only and will not be shared unless to specify otherwise.



June 27, 2021 Hurricane WV. 10:31  PM

I was recently sent this video clip that was captured on a Go-Pro during a sky watch.  It was recorded in Time lapse and shows an object fade into view and fade out in 26 frames.  Each frame is 30 seconds long and as such the duration of the event is 13 min long.

The witness stated that he felt this object would likely have gone completely unnoticed if it were not captured by his camera.  He asked me for any ideas and the only thing I could think of would be a high altitude atmospheric balloon lit by the setting sun? If you have any other ideas or opinions on this please feel free to drop them in the comments .

Orb Follows Vehicle


June 16, 2021

A witness reported an object in the sky that was following their vehicle as they were traveling toward Mammoth Cave Kentucky. The object was spotted at 5:17 am and was observed for about 10 minutes until it. “Just disappeared”. The object was described as an orb of light that that stayed brightly lit but randomly it would dim down then appear brighter until it finally dimmed out never to be seen again. When asked about the color the witness says it appeared white but when it got brighter it had more of a blueish hue to it. The witness recorded the event with a smart phone.  The witness simply claims to have no idea what this object may have been

This case was sent in as a direct result of the inquiry into witnesses of the sighting on the 19th above.   

An Abductee Reaches Out


May 4, 2021 

After receiving an email from an individual who wishes to remain autonomous,  we conducted a phone interview and decided to meet at a location in Flatwoods WV.  The witness told us they were referred to us by UFO researcher Stan Gordon (which was verified),  after contacting him about finding help with what he claimed were abduction events.   Stan had told the witness that there was not many around who looked into the phemnomena but he thought we might be able to help as we were closer and had some experience with the subject matter. 


The witness claims to have undergone multiple abductions by aliens for years and had many scars as a result which they claimed originated from these encounters. We observed the scaring and did note unusual scoops, geometric patterns and what appeared to be hollow or missing material under some of these scars. The witness had contacted us to find anyone who could help them better understand the phenomena.  They had traveled to many conferences around the country and were displeased with the lack of serious study being conducted on the subject and wanted to know how to contact a group or researcher who might better understand what they had gone trough . We explained that most of those groups no unfortunately no longer existed.  Following the death of Hopkins and Mack serious research into the phenomena of alien abduction has been lacking for years. The witness said the attempt at contacting state level researchers only resulted in disappointment and out dated contact info, this is why he contacted Mr Gordon.  We decided the case was important and worked to find a veteran researcher who could help this individual.


This case is out of our hands at this time and is closed on our end.


Huntington Area Sightings

On the evening of June 19 I received a message from a witness who had observed a strange light in the vicinity of her home. She says she had just pulled in her driveway when she noticed a strange light moving over a hill. She reported the light was bright orange , she says the object had no sound and was moving fast. In her words. “The whole thing kinda changed from an Orange to a light color but no typical flashes. It had me spooked “.

She took a short video of the object which shows the orange color and appears to be a single point light. The object was heading over Martha elementary towards Barboursville Conditions at the time of the event were clear but a storm was approaching.


Within 24 hrs I received a second sighting report from another witness who claims to have seen the same object near the same area. At around 10:30 PM the witness noticed a solid ball of light in the sky that was “very bright and oddly orange in color below the clouds. At first the witness thought nothing of it until their eyes focused on it and it could be seen this object was not a star, moon etc it was. “ a giant ball of light and it was completely unexplainable.

With these sightings occurring so close to the same area and at the same time, it is reasonable IMO to assume that this could be the same object. Both sightings describe an orageish ball of light.

Weather Data at time of Sightings


Visibility was 10 Miles









6_19photostill copy.jpg

Sissonville WV Wingless Object


March 28, 2021

I received a text from a witness in Sissonville WV after he and his girlfriend had spotted a strange wingless object in the sky that was headed over I-77 and thought I might be interested in it. The witness managed to take several short video clips which I was able to put back together. I created a visual documentation of this sighting which can be viewed here.

The full report follows.  


Sighting was on March 26 near Sissonville WV , over the Kanawha 2 Mile region. Sighting was reported to the West Virginia High Strangeness Collective on March 28 after the witness had seen an inquiry into a sighting we had posted to our facebook group earlier. Object was traveling NNW along I-77 North.  Object was bright and exhibited a flash on frame 13 which does not repeat as a normal aircraft strobe should. The witness stated there was no sound or visible wings on the aircraft which is consistent with what we see with the up scaling and enhancements.


Object exhibited no visible contrail. A contact at the near by airport states that. “A bright white steam lined private jet departed at 15:11” 3 hours prior to this event. As of right now there are no additional witnesses to the event.


UPDATE: I sent this over to veteran UFO researcher Stan Gordon to see what he had to say about it.  He sent me a report from PA of a similar sighting which occurred on  March 8


"March 8- A witness observed a shiny bright cigar-shaped object in the morning sky. The sky was generally clear with some fluffy clouds around. The object did not appear to have any wings or a tail section. The witness indicated that the object was so bright he had to squint his eyes to view it. The witness, who was very familiar with aircraft, stopped his vehicle and got out to take a better look at the object.


The object moved into a cloud better never exited from it." Based on the available data we are leaving this one open and ruling as of now as UNIDENTIFIED


Reports from PA Area 

If you have any information please contact us at: https://www.wildandweirdwv.com/contact-us Please fill out the form , all personal info is for record keeping only and will not be shared unless to specify otherwise.

Pulsing Red Lights Moundsville Area


February 12

A witness noted a series of odd lights moving toward the Moundsville WV area.  The lights were described as pulsing red,  not flashing  and moving about the speed of a helicopter.  These two pulsing red lights disappeared at which time three more lights arrived.  The witness observed that 2 of the 3 lights were very close together much like the original light had been.  As they watched one of the lights broke away from the others, at this point the lights began to go out one at a time until they had completely disappeared. 

These objects displayed no remarkable acceleration or maneuvering but the lights seem to be inconsistent with known aircraft navigation beacons.  The fact that one of the three lights veered off from the rest suggests that this was not one single object but rather several smaller ones.

Unfortunately there were no further witnesses who came forward in regards to this sighting.

UAP and Aircraft St Albans WV


October 8, 2020

Around 2 PM near St Albans WV a witness observed what they identified as an Osprey aircraft following a white round object.  They described the Osprey having a paint scheme they had not seen before. "(Camo Paint I’ve never seen before)"   The witness said it was as if the object  (UAP) were taunting the aircraft.  Shortly after this another aircraft entered the area which the witness identified as a fighter jet (model was not stated).   This jet had full afterburners on and was  headed straight toward the object.  At this time the UAP flashed an extremely bright light  twice then shot into the atmosphere as the witness says. "As quick as you could blink."  

Weather conditions were clear at the time.

The witness has a military background.

Attempts to identify the Osprey failed as the paint scheme is not something known in this area.  There are Osprey  operating out of CRW the closest airport and Air Guard base  but their paint scheme is grey.

No further information or witnesses came forward following an inquiry on this sighting.